ononoki's Privacy Policy

We value and protect your privacy.

What information do we collect?

For MortyProxy, Pastebin, Search and its onion service:

No tracking method is used. We only use NGINX access log to collect information.

We collect your public IP address, request time, request host and request path. The NGINX access log format is this:

log_format access '$time_iso8601 $remote_addr $host $request_uri';

All access log will be permanently deleted 3 days after generation.

Other services:

Only Matomo tracking is used. NGINX access log is turned off. I self-host Matomo, so your information is not shared with third-party.

Matomo collects more than access log does. Apart from what access log collects, it collects your request scheme, request referer header, request user-agent header and browser resolution.

All tracking data will be permanently deleted 3 days after generation.

Having issues?

Your privacy is important. Please contact me via Email as soon as possible.